Prescription Assistance Advocacy Services for Employers

ScriptAide provides Medication Assistance Advocacy Services, which adds value to your company and reduces financial burden for your employees. Our direct-to-member support services are staffed by Pharmaceutical Access Coordinators specialized in helping members acquire prescribed medications that may not
be covered under their health plan.

Help Your Employees Save Money

Supplement Your Current Health Plans

Specialized Support for Members

Increase Medication Coverage & Add Value to Your Company

Employers understand that healthcare is both costly and complicated. It’s widely known that self-insured employers will always save money when their members become more educated consumers of their healthcare benefits, especially when it comes to medications. When supported by ScriptAide’s Pharmaceutical Access Coordinators, members have lower overall costs, continuity of care, improved overall health, and are faster to return to work.  So let us help you and your employees today!

For Brokers

Do you want to provide an extra value-added service for your employers who are self-insured? ScriptAide supplements and supports your existing health plan offers, making them even better for your clients.

For Employers

Did you know that Prescription drugs are the most expensive part of a self-funded Employer’s costs? Together, we can help decrease their financial burden with ScriptAide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information
  • Not all employer health plans cover every medication manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, but instead have a list (formulary) of which medications they cover and at what cost.

  • Medication formularies are different for every health plan and every employer. Please reach out to your employer to verify benefits and insurance formularies.

  • While ScriptAide prides itself on working hard to help members get the medications they need, ScriptAide cannot guarantee access to medication for members.

ScriptAide is an independent medication access advocacy service offered to members by their insurance plan. ScriptAide is staffed by Pharmaceutical Access Coordinators who work hard to support employers and their members who need help obtaining medications that are not covered on their health plan or have high copays.

ScriptAide Medication Access Advocacy Service is not a replacement for a member’s current health care coverage and is designed to work in tandem with their current medication coverage. Sometimes medications aren’t covered, but ScriptAide may be able to help.

ScriptAide is the only collective organization of experts who offer self-insured employers an extensive working knowledge of prescription medication assistance services, an understanding of regulatory and participation guidelines, and can make recommendations to help guide employers, human resource managers, and employees without burden.

ScriptAide works directly with the member and their providers to help them obtain non-covered medications through copay programs, patient assistance programs, and trusted international sources. ScriptAide also assists members with high medication copays to obtain medication at a lower cost or no cost.

ScriptAide is actively working with members and their healthcare providers to reduce healthcare costs by:

  • Finding copay programs provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers:

    • Copay programs provide an additional discount after insurance coverage to make medications more affordable.

    •  If a medication isn’t covered by the member’s insurance plan, it won’t be covered by the copay program either.

  • Assisting members and their providers with completing and submitting Patient Assistant Program (PAP) applications:

    •  PAPs for certain brand medications are offered directly from the pharmaceutical manufacturers for qualifying patients.

    • If approved for a PAP, the pharmaceutical manufacturer sends the medication directly to the patient at no charge.

    • Most PAPs have income restrictions to ensure that they help those who need it most.

  • Ordering medications from trusted international companies:

    • On behalf of their insurance plan at no cost to the member through our Personal Importation Program (PIP).

    • At a significant discount to self-paying members through our Self-Pay Personal Importation Program (SPIP).
  • Everyone understands that healthcare is both costly and complicated. We want to do everything we can to ensure that finances are not an obstacle for access to medications that can improve the quality of life for our members and their families. We also know that a company’s biggest asset is its employees. When supported by ScriptAide, members have lower overall costs, better continuity of care, improved overall health, and are able to return to work sooner.

We are available Monday – Friday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM (CST)

Phone:  866-837-1515
Online: Complete and submit the Contact Form located at the bottom of this page.

We are available Monday – Friday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM (CST)

Phone:  866-837-1515
Fax: 855-613-4102

Your doctor can fax or email your prescription to us.

Fax: 855-613-4102

*Note: We are not able to receive prescriptions over the phone or by e-Rx.

Absolutely YES! ScriptAide maintains and protects all information received in accordance with state and federal HIPAA privacy standards.

ScriptAide service also eliminates much of the self-insured employer’s liability under HIPAA because our trained Pharmaceutical Access Coordinators are assisting the employees directly instead of the Human Resource Department.

In most cases, prescription benefits managers that work with the member’s pharmacy refer members to us when there is a medication prescribed that isn’t covered or is extremely expensive. Direct referrals are also accepted at

ScriptAide service covers members and their immediate family (spouse and any dependents) who are covered by their plan, as well as individuals enrolling in a SPIP program.

In order to participate in any of our programs, the member will have to sign a Release of Information (ROI) and obtain a valid prescription from their provider.

At this time, we are unable to submit PAPs or PIPs for non-members. Only SPIP is available to non-members.

At this time ScriptAide can only order brand name, non-controlled medications. To find out if your medication is a controlled substance, consult your provider or the complete list of controlled substances from the DEA at

We currently have a formulary of over 500 brand medications available to order. To be included on the formulary, the medication must be a maintenance medication. If a generic becomes available in the US at a lower cost, the brand medication will be removed from the formulary.

Most PAP approvals last for one year but may vary depending on the manufacturer program and the medication.

Many PAP programs allow renewals. The member will be required to provide updated income information, fill out a new application, and obtain a new prescription from their provider each year they enroll in the program.

A Patient Assistance Program (PAP) is a program offered by drug manufacturers to provide access to medications that are not yet available as generics, typically considered specialty medications, and are usually more expensive after insurance, if they’re covered at all. Manufacturers require applications from the members and have their own eligibility guidelines.

The Personal Importation Program (PIP) sources medications from “Tier 1” countries (New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK) at significantly lower costs due to different medication pricing structures in those countries. “Tier 1” means that those countries have been approved to provide medications that are equivalent to the FDA approved medications in the US.

No. The PIP is a voluntary program for brand name medications listed on the plan’s formulary. Medications that are not listed on the formulary are not eligible for PIP.

Yes. For a medication to be available through the PIP, it must be from the same manufacturer as the US brand or from the licensed international version of that same brand.

It depends. Some medications have different names than the US equivalent, some medications may be differently shaped tablets, sometimes the packaging will look different (example: medications shipped from Canada will have French on the label, as that is a requirement by the Canadian government). To meet the requirements of PIP, each medication is thoroughly researched to ensure it is bio-equivalent and dose equivalent to what is available in the US.

The member will not need to worry about remembering to place a refill order, they will automatically be placed. We will contact the member to inform them when we have placed their order, but no action is needed on their part. However, if there are any changes to the member’s medication (strength, dosage, frequency, etc.) or shipping information, we ask that those changes are communicated to us within 48 hours by phone (866-837-1515) or email (

Typically, once a medication has shipped, a member will receive it in 5-7 days but shipping may take as long as 10 days. Members will receive an emailed shipping confirmation with tracking information.

Members can order a 90-day supply of medication, provided they have the refills available.

There is no payment required from members on the PIP and PAP programs. All SPIP members will be required to provide payment at the time an order is placed.

Unfortunately, no. Payment in full is required by our partners at the time of checkout.

All medications are shipped directly from our partners to the member’s residence within the United States.

Signatures are required for most delivieries – we want to ensure that you are receiving your medications and they haven’t been tampered with or stolen.

Medications that need to be refrigerated are not able to be sent to PO Boxes and require a physical address for shipment.

Unfortunately, no. For legal reasons, medications can only be shipped to the member’s address.

The medications come from our partner pharmacies in Canada, but they receive them from the same manufacturers that US suppliers and pharmacies order from. The medications are exactly the same as what is dispensed in the United States, but the bottles will have French writing as well as English, due to requirements by Canadian law.

Unfortunately, no. Federal law prohibits the return of any medication for any reason. If you believe that a medication error may have happened while your prescription was filled, please contact ScriptAide immediately. To properly dispose of unused medications, please visit to find locations near you.

Unfortunately, once an order has been placed, it has used a prescription refill and cannot be canceled. Please be sure to update ScriptAide whenever changes are made to your prescription, address, phone number, insurance, or payment, if applicable.

If you believe that a medication error may have happened while your prescription was filled, please contact ScriptAide immediately.

About ScriptAide

ScriptAide was founded by seasoned healthcare industry professionals and executives to create innovative cost-savings solutions that will transform your health plan. Our founders recognized common themes that impacted both productivity and the bottom line.

  • Healthcare is confusing.

  • Healthcare is complicated.


  • Medications are costly and becoming more costly.


Healthcare has changed throughout the last several years and healthcare innovations originally tested as pilot programs by ScriptAide founders have shown significant savings. 
Employers have experienced lower costs for healthcare, increased overall employee productivity, knowledge levels and satisfaction with their healthcare benefits. 
We know that the biggest asset of a company is its employees. We offer a variety of innovative and specialized advocacy and patient education services as a part of the self-insured employer benefit plan. Our goal is to educate your workforce as make them good healthcare consumers, this reduces the burden of human resource benefit departments and increases your bottom line.
Employers utilizing the ScriptAide Medication Assistance Advocacy services no longer struggle between focusing on business growth and employee productivity. Let us educate and help your workforce so they understand the quality and cost of their plan and all of the options they never knew about.  
ScriptAide identifies every avenue of access to medications and its Pharmaceutical Access Coordinators personally speak with members of our self-insured employers as the trusted resource for unbiased support services.  
ScriptAide is an independent company, unaffiliated with insurance companies, healthcare providers or pharmaceutical manufacturers. Our dedicated Pharmaceutical Access Coordinators are motivated to educate and empower members to improve their lives and lower their overall costs.

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